Racemaster 3.0

saves you 30% fuel

The hydrodynamic shape and powerful design make the Racemaster the fastest net cleaner in the world. While also burning 30% less fuel than even it’s most efficient competitors. The Racemaster effortlessly handles baggy nets and delivers the best cleaning quality on the market. Quick and easy maintenance along with superior maneuverability make the Racemaster the obvious choice for anyone who needs clean nets in currents or rough conditions. Can be upgraded to 3 years warranty.

Racemaster 3.0

"Racemaster cleans nets where other systems gives up!"

"Racemaster is our best system yet!"


The Racemaster has redefined the principle of net cleaning. This is the fastest net cleaning robot the world has ever seen. With performance above and beyond.

Ic speed

Save time - save money!


So easy that anyone can do it! If you need help, we offer online or on-site support for every step of the way.

Ic service

Do it yourself on site


Outstanding climbing performance in high current environments and baggy nets. With plenty of power for the heavy-duty jobs. The Racemaster leaves even the sturdiest of mussels no chance.

Ic power

Most reliable net cleaner ever!

Ic power

Mussels stand little chance

Tech specs

Racemaster 3.0

Dimensions (mm)

1480 x 2245 x 725 (L x W x H) / 320 kg (air) 5 kg (water)

Cleaning width (mm)


Cleaning system

3 discs - each with room for 12 nozzles

Thrusting system

9 thrusters (water jets)

Drive system

2 belts and 4 drums driven by two hydraulic motors

Camera & lights

1 dome camera + 4 Led lights

Hose package

Standard MPI robot hose package length 75m (customizable)


Depth sensor

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