New service concept for MPI-net cleaners

MPI has developed a new service concept aimed at further improving the performance and reliability of the company’s net cleaning units, which will ultimately improve operational performance and profitability at fish farms.
“We are essentially suggesting that MPI and our customers make the leap from a reactive ad-hoc approach towards a proactive and preventive service and maintenance regime. This will enable our customers to save money on changing out equipment before it potentially breaks down. We are convinced that this will create substantial benefits for both service companies and fish farmers,” says Kåre Myrvåg, CEO of MPI.
MPI is already in dialogue with several fish farmers and service companies that are interested in the service concept.

The new service concept can be summarised as follows:
• Two scheduled services per year which should ensure a more efficient operation with as little equipment downtime as possible throughout the year.
• MPI and the customer agrees on a local site where MPI commits to set up and manage an up-to-date stock of spare parts, equipment and tools required to perform repairs, maintenance and services. The size and contents of the service stock is based on the total portfolio of MPI equipment the customer has in its possession.
• MPI commits to start service, maintenance and repair of all equipment included in the service agreement within 24 hours at the site, provided that this is advisable.
• MPI will, where required, provide a dedicated local technician that is available to perform the duties under the above-mentioned 24 hour guarantee.

“This service concept will signficiantly reduce waiting time for spare parts and required maintenance as you essentially eliminiate the uncertainty related to transport, customs clearance and so on. In turn, this translates to improved operational efficiencies and uptime of net cleaning equipment. Or put more simply, a more attractive bottom line for both service companies and fish farmers,” says Kåre Myrvåg.

To get maximum cost-efficiencies out of the service concept, the customer must also commit to constantly communicate up-to date information regarding the stock of spares and service issues with MPI.
As part of the service concept, customer personnel that utilises MPI’s equipment will also be entitled to discounted rates for MPI’s courses and seminars.

MPI develops and manufactures net cleaning systems for the aquaculture industry worldwide. The company is the global market leader for net cleaning systems. In total, MPI has supplied more than 700 net cleaning systems worldwide. The Racemaster 3.0 follows in the footsteps of the first generation Terminator net cleaning system and the second generation R.O.N.C. – remotely operated net cleaner.

For more information about MPI’s new service concept, please contact sales & marketing manager Petter Pettersen at tel: +47 906 73 956 or email:

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