Net cleaning system to Mowi Ireland

Mowi Ireland has placed an order to purchase a Racemaster net cleaning robot system for its Southern site, near Castletownbere, from Norwegian technology company MPI (Multi Pump Innovation).

To run the Racemaster 3.0 net cleaning robot, Mowi Ireland has also ordered a D300 pump unit, which is produced in stainless steel with excellent noise isolation. The compact assembly saves valuable deck space, and six doors allow easy access for inspection and maintenance. This replaces their former MPI equipment of a D300 pump unit and RONC7.

Mowi Ireland will utilise the new Racemaster 3.0 and associated power cabinet at its southern sites in County Cork. Mowi has farmed antlantic salmom in Ireland since 1982.

MPI has not disclosed the value of the contract.

Movi Ireland has previously purchased the Racemaster 3.0 net cleaner and a pump unit for its northwestern site in Donegal.

“This kind of cage cleaning technology is the future for Irish fish farming and will be vital in the progress and continuity in maintaining the highest standards in farm management,” says Liam Doherty, Manager of MOWI Northwest Marine Operations Manager

The Racemaster 3.0’s cleaning width of 1.9 metres and four drums enables the robot to stretch the nets, which in turn improves climbing and cleaning performance and manoeuvrability on baggy nets and during challenging conditions. The robot’s large discs come with multiple options for nozzle settings, which have resulted in further improved cleaning capacity and quality. In addition, MPI has designed the robot for easy access, which allows operators to maintain it on site without the need for an external technician.

“Our Racemaster 3.0 is one of the fastest net cleaning robots in the world, and have become a favoured net cleaner for many Irish fish farmers and service companies. Speed, reliability and low maintenance, energy efficiency, low maintenance and cleaning ability are given as the main reason for why they chose this net cleaner,” says Kåre Myrvåg, CEO of MPI.

MPI develops and manufactures net cleaning systems for the aquaculture industry worldwide. The company is the global market leader for net cleaning systems. In total, MPI has supplied more than 700 net cleaning systems worldwide. The Racemaster 3.0 follows in the footsteps of the first generation Terminator net cleaning system and the second generation R.O.N.C. – remotely operated net cleaner.


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