MPI adds Racemaster belt options

MPI has introduced a new range of belts and studs to further improve the flexibility and gentleness of its Racemaster 3.0. net cleaning robot when manoeuvring and cleaning nets of different mesh sizes and material.
Different types of nets may require different belts and studs for optimal manoeuvrability as well as even gentler cleaning and climbing performance. Hence, MPI has have expanded the range of belts and studs available on the Racemaster 3.0.
The standard equipment for the Racemaster 3.0, which has earned its reputation as one of the world’s fastest net cleaners, is metal studs of various shapes and sizes – depending on use and requirements – fitted onto rubber belts.
MPI is constantly looking to increase the flexibility of its net cleaning equipment to ensure that it continues to deliver industry-leading cleaning performance on all possible nets and in all sorts of ocean conditions. As a result, MPI has now introduced rubber studs on the belts of the Racemaster 3.0 to further improve manoeuvrability, climbing and cleaning performance on various types of nets:
The LugTRAX belt with rubber studs is particularly suited for stiff and tight nets with a medium to large mesh size (25×25 – 100×100 mm).

The RubTRAX belt with a tractor track-like pattern on the rubber belt, meanwhile, works particularly well on soft nets (i.e. nylon nets) that are both slack, normal and tight. It is Ideal for small to medium mesh sizes (15×15 – 25×25 mm).

All Racemaster 3.0s now also comes with side covers that provide an elegant net-reject function.
Click here for more information about the Racemaster 3.0.
Please email MPI’s sales manager, Petter Pettersen, for more information about the new LugTRAX and RubTRAX options for the Racemaster 3.0.

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