Pilot house

We know that the operator have some needs during their long working days to work productive and give quality cleaning. The pilot house gives the operator quality chair for correct seating while operating the remotes. The house block out all light so the screens can show all details and it is noise canceling. The pilot house is easy to move between boats.

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Dimension (mm)

2300 x 1750 x 2510 (L x W x H) / 931kg


Can be produced as single pilothouse or by special size

Extra info

Standard pilot house includes: • Two chairs, one with remote systems and one guest chair (can be upgraded to two pilot chairs) • Control panel for the pump and engine • Three monitors: two 24” for RONC and one 19” for roof camera. • 360 waterproof dome camera roof mounted. • Stereo with speakers. • Wall mounted panel heater. • Downlights with dimmer function. • Ladder for easy access to roof. • Pilot House fully insulated. • Roof mounted air ventilator.