A very satisfied customer for new Rubber Belts- Rubtrax- on his Racemaster

Independent Norwegian aquaculture site servicing company hails MPI’s Racemaster as “the fastest and the best cleaning robot ever”

Norway’s AquaMarineService AS company – a small operation with a big reputation – state that they, and their customers, are benefitting greatly from the expertise of MPI technology in the form of the Racemaster cage cleaning remote-controlled robot.

With headquarters in northern Norway and cleaning operations centered on the west coast region, this company undertakes a wide variety of service-related work for aquaculture — including cleaning nets, transportation of living fish, and all sorts of site and cage inspections.

A relatively young and small business, AquaMarineService are rapidly developing and continuing on a dedicated project of investment for expansion with growing numbers of both vessels and contracts and, says company Sales Manager Markus Holand, MPI’s Racemaster is pivotal to that development.

“Since we bought the Racemaster 3.0 from MPI last year we have found that out of all the different types of net cleaners we’ve used over the years, this is by far the fastest,” said Markus who added that its not just the robot itself that is good but the operator’s job is made easier by the real-time high quality PC images fed back from the Racemaster’s cameras.

“The design and construction of the Racemaster is very ergonomic and does not look like a huge robot being thrown in the cage and therefore it causes no stress to the fish during its operation” – Markus Holand, Sales Manager,
Aquamarineservice AS.

Belt up…

Markus Holand is also impressed that the Racemaster comes with several different types of belts – those with permanent rubber studs or with metal studs that you drill into the belts – to suit different types of cleaning operations.

“We find this to be a great bonus as we require different kinds of belts for different types of nets: for the very steep cage nets we tend to use the stud we drill into the belts because they climb better in this situation – whereas with the ‘slacker’ cage net that are not so steep, the standard type permanent studs and belts are more suitable because it’s an easier climb for the robot,” Markus said.

As with all MPI clients, Markus Holand is quick to praise the level of customer service that comes with the Racemaster:

“MPI are excellent with their after sales service – on the very odd occasion that we’ve had problems or questions they are always available when you need them, either by phone or email or to actually come on board our vessels,” he said, further commenting that in general, service and maintenance on the Racemaster is very easy to deal with by the operator and that bigger mechanical issues rarely arise.

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